We firmly believe that each one of us is, at his level, in a position to promote projects in accordance with sustainable development objectives, through his actions and his decisions. As a result, we have been acting accordingly in various directions for a number of years.

We are in favour of ‘intelligent’ investment, taking into consideration various aspects of sustainable development: economic, environmental and social.

Our current urban development projects are in line with such an approach:

By striving to improve the quality of life of consumers and of residents in the neighbourhood.

By offering mixed accommodation, adapted to the population's requirements and in view of promoting social integration.

By integrating new developments in the environment, in harmony with already existing structures, whilst satisfying new requirements.

By saving natural resources, through limited space occupation, management of water resources, and appropriate measures to protect the ecosystem.

By limiting environmental damage, through the control of energy consumption.

By promoting eco-friendly developments, through the use of construction materials which do not affect the environment, by positioning buildings with respect to natural elements and by using renewable energies through integrated architectural devices.

By boosting the economy each time we invest.

By developing a proper road network and public spaces, to provide an attractive and safe environment.

We promote waste management, through our partnership with a specialized NGO that provide selective waste containers on our premises.

Finally, we put a lot of emphasis on our human resources in all the sectors in which we operate. We favour training and open-mindedness. We employ people who live in the vicinity, close to their work place and create the right environment through work organization and conditions to promote the wellbeing of our team members.

We also encourage cooperation with local businesses for most of our activities.