« When we dream alone it is only a dream, but when many dream together it is the beginning of a new reality. » F. Hundertwasser

Today, we share the same dream and the same ideals. The development model we want to implement depends first and foremost on people. In order to succeed, we have decided to generate added value and think differently. We also adapt to the new societal, environmental and economical requirements within the scope of a strategy which has proved successful over the past 18 years.


To become the benchmark in every sector in which we operate, by setting an example of good governance and acting as a responsible company.


Our strategy is based on diversification in order to guarantee our stability, our independence and to provide a dependable mode of development. By adopting a global vision, we strive to look beyond the sectors which we master to develop awareness for new openings.


Trust, the core value of our management

We bank primarily on our employees’ sense of initiative and encourage exchange of ideas. We are ready to welcome new talents so as to reinforce our skills.

Innovation, our trade mark

We set new standards by promoting initiatives and by adapting ourselves to market evolution.

Respect, the driving force of our development

We embody family values and we value integrity. We set goals for each of our projects as we believe we can contribute to make the world a better place.


We have selected yellow as our company colour as it is the colour which best symbolizes light and dynamism. It also represents:

    • intuition
    • the ability to change
    • youth and boldness

Our Organization

We work in a participatory manner. All the members of our team have specific skills, and their constant interaction is a source of innovation.

By implementing new working methods and developing new habits, we try to establish a balance between productivity and quality of life for each and every one. We are convinced that happy employees always give best results.

Each company within the group is managed by a deputy CEO. – in charge of operations – who reports directly to the CEO. We have the right person in the right place and each team member is entrusted with a responsibility, so as to bring out the skills of one and all.

Trimetys Group is structured as a holding company with subsidiaries for its activities and projects.