Georges Talbotier

Georges Talbotier

Georges Talbotier is the CEO and General Manager of Trimetys Group. He oversees the group’s activity in Mauritius, Rodrigues and Reunion Island leading more than 250 employees in promoting the highest standards of ethics, and professional excellence in their respective professions.

He brings extensive leadership experience in the real estate and investment management industry, having held a variety of positions in major national and international conglomerates over 20 years.

He started his career in 1993 in the marketing, communication and business development unit of the Reunion Island based corporation, Groupe Caillé. Progressively, he took up roles of increasing responsibility within the group before moving to Madagascar as Head of Business Development over 4 years.

Georges moved to Mauritius in 2003 and co-founded Immobilier et Conseil Ltée. He joined Trimetys Group in 2014 after the merger of Trimetys with Immobilier et Conseil Ltée.

He holds a Master in Business from IEA Paris (Institut Européen Des Affaires).