Riverland Sports Club is a 30,000m² facility set up in 2004 with a wide range of sports and
leisure activities for all ages. The club includes a medical wing housing 2 reputed service
providers in the field, namely C-Lab and W+Life, which offers access to health professionals
such as an osteopath, a physiotherapist and a nutritionist.

The club has gone through significant developments in 2020 with the setting up of a new boathouse with kayak and
paddleboard activities. It has also introduced a number of new and innovative classes.

We have also created sports events like Solis Tennis Open, which is gaining popularity on the island and for
the first time during the 3rd edition in March 2020 hosted a category for players with disabilities.

Our HORIZON 2022

The concept for the future Riverland Sports Club will be finalised by 2022 with expanded facilities to accommodate a larger number of members.

We are planning to hold a major public outdoor fitness event in Tamarin and our strategy further involves diversifying our offering to include team building activities targeting the corporate segment.